According to estimation, annual only social insurance premium is decreased negative can reduce company load to exceed 1 trillion yuanI think we can see next, each country draws lessons from study each other, search example, in an attempt to answers this crisis betterEspecially civilian battalion enterprise, became the main force of exit, the proportion that holds exit cost already exceeded 50% , adjacent 53%Compere: Oh, there are a few distinctions? Guo Chenghua: But Chinese Central Bank these two new tools from roll out time is shorter nowQuestionnaire findings also shows the Central Bank first quarter, early days basically suffers epidemic situation to be opposite macroscopical economy supply and demand the overall effect of two end, while financing environment is improved apparently, business loan demand is not synchronous first quarter go up, among them index of demand of loan of small small company is compared go up year of four quarters still small drop5aBPCompere: YesAbout data analysis, the whole world has group of industry of level of more than 60 -727379968 dollars at present, can be united in wedlock with digitlization, implementation digitlizes transitionIn the meantime, 1 trillion yuan of special national debt will be in will issue before the bottom in July end, respect of debt of common national debt, place still also has not little supply pressure, in short-term inside or form greater fluidity to absorb pressure to area of bank system capitalCompere: Yes

So the condition that runs according to economy, and the data that statistical branch publishs can see, economy moves to look from annulus than angle, improvingThe instantly that epidemic situation inflicts heavy losses on is sufferred in global economy, it is confidence of infuse of stable world economy and motivation to good Chinese economy continuously06 trillion yuan, shift to an earlier date announcement does one-time add the MLF that expire to anticipate in order to stabilize the market, but shrink only quantity add did 200 billion yuan, anticipate under the market

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Unit: 100 million yuan of)My professional career experienced a lot of different market cycleMore important is, we should change more look to home, emphasize breed, make home market, realize medium income crowd hard times add, had done complex demand government, release long-term spending demandAlthough China is the nation with the largest amount of import of the grain on the world, but from the point of entrance structure, belong to legume " alone big " , with was 2019 exemple, soja imports a quantity to amount to 85

Guo Chenghua: Open market operation is the Central Bank is mixed trade a tool that business has negotiable securities and foreign currency trade, use at adjusting the tool of a monetary policy of liquidity of fundamental money, marketFuture, it is for main body, market with the enterprise oriented, produce learn to grind of deepness confluence " network seeing and hearing + " will serve national economy and social progress betterCompere: YesTo support economy, chinese Central Bank began an operation 3 times again this year

It is this tool perhaps says tool of interest rate policy so, include LPR its action and application, factual circumstance is this appearancegCompere: This is held out very familiarBelow the premise that assures the other demand that use the land, to having the area that expands latent capacity and city, we suggest to be able to increase estate to construct scale of the supply that use the land appropriately, get used to town to change the rigid requirement of need, the high quality that contented people grows increasingly lives demand, price of quietly price certain room is certain anticipate, safeguard " the house lives to be not fried " , the long-term and smooth health that maintains estate market develops

Drive include state-owend enterprise reform, element market reform to wait for a series of commercializing to reform, exert oneself passes medium income crowd times added kind, breed and release inside need, in be Chinese economy, long-term development provides powerThe 4 economic society benefit that are investment, investment of old capital construction established urban economy this one mankind is great the development base of the invention; Investment of new capital construction established digital economy, intelligence economy, life economy the development base of these human future civilization7-1So open market operates us to see last tool again, call short-term fluidity to adjust tool